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[IP] Cozmo vs. MiniMed

Hey All y'all: (that's the plural form)

I know a couple of you are trying to decide about the Cozmo versus any 
of the (non) waterproof/watertight MiniMeds :-) .  Our son, Eric, has 
both actually.  He started pumping 5/01 on a 508, based upon their 
proposed free swap out to the "watertight/proof" (NOT) Paradigm.  After 
a lot of delays, he finally got his Paradigm 10/02.  This April, after 
numerous software lock-ups, 2 (or was it 1?) swap out of new a Paradigm 
and the "some days you get lucky, some days you don't" experience with 
their Jeykll/Hyde customer service people, we got fed up and raided our 
cash reserves and purchased a Cozmo.

After 5 months, and on our 4th Cozmo, we still would never use the 
Minimed except as an emergency back-up!  The first two pumps were 
replaced within 18 hours from call to Deltec to our front door due to 
the inner screen cracking. (okay, he's a skateboarder, but he really 
does try to protect it).  The third was a change from the translucent 
"ice blue" to gray, due to the habit of the translucent blue pumps to 
spontaneously shut down in very bright sunlight. (this may be due to the 
IR sensors inside the pump that work with the reservoirs).  We have also 
had a problem with a bad batch of reservoirs, which were slightly out of 
round and therefore had stiff plungers and another batch that did not 
have the little white band all the way around the base, causing the pump 
not to recognize that the reservoir was in the pump.

In each and every case Deltec was incredible, even on a weekend, when 
the nurse on call called me back in 10 minutes.  When we had a little 
glitch (hey, it's software!) with the Deltec My Treatment Assistant 
software, their geek walked me through the steps to make it work and 
then asked me if I wanted to walk through any other questions.  

 From a treatment POV, the once every 3 minutes delivery seems to work 
better, with the usual "unexplained" highs (e.g. missed boluses, small 
air bubbles, slightly kinked cannulas, etc.) coming down very nicely. 
 The ability to set things up, then program via the IR reader is great, 
as is the ability to keep detailed records all within the same program. 
 The on-screen system takes a little getting used to, then rapidly 
becomes intuitive, even for my 8 y/o.  (He's named his pumper "Killer").

I've mentioned some problems above.  The people at Cozmo actually 
listened to me talk to them about these and other issues and thoughts at 
the Cozmo session at Children With Diabetes this summer and acknowledged 
and took ownership of the issues.  If they don't care, they do a very 
good job of presenting they do; and I don't think they're pretending!

We like the Cozmo, we think it works better than the MM, most 
importantly, our son likes his pump, and in the end, that's what's the 
most important thing for us.  As always, YMMV.

Andrew, Dad to Eric, dx 9/25/00, pumping since 5/01
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