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[IP] Re: dead pump

> I know I need to use NPH on her via injections, but my question is can I
> inject NPH and Humalog together?


Like many other pumpers on IP, I would hesitate a verrrrrrrrrrrry long time
before reintroducing any long-acting insulin into my bod. I like Michael's
suggestion of covering the basal periods with Regular insulin injections,
and Humalog for boluses. If you multiply 4 hours by the basal rate and give
a shot of that amount, you are covered. Meal boluses would be easy to figure
like always, just shot in instead of buttoned in. Of course, test often.

This may take about 8 injections a day, but for me, I'd feel much safer
doing that for this temporary fix than to put in unpredictable NPH and have
it overlap when rehooked to a pump. More problems could be caused this way.
BTW, Regular insulin does not require a written Rx.

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