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[IP] Re: Type 2 NOT caused by obesity...

"Ryan Bruner" <email @ redacted> wrote:
What this indicates is that obesity doesn't CAUSE Type 2 diabetes in any
way...but rather, that the genetics that lead to the development of Type 2
diabetes ALSO make people prone to obesity.<<


What are your sources for these studies?  How do you explain 
overweight children/teens who are now developing Type 2 diabetes 
which was something that was unheard years ago before video game 
systems and computers?  The genes were the same then as they are now. 
Being overweight HAS to be a major contributing factor in these 
cases.  These kids weren't thin or average in weight and THEN 
developed Type 2 and THEN gained the weight.  The weight was there 
from the get-go and was the main contributor to their diagnosis of 
Type 2.  Many Type 2's lose weight and lose their diabetes...so 
weight DOES matter and in many cases can be the ONE thing that 
determines whether you have it or not.

Cindy, mom to 16 y/o Noah, dx age 9, pumping since 6/99
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