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Re: [IP] Choosing between Cozmo and MM512

Contact Deltec and MM  to find the local reps to see about doing a trial.
 Have both reps > Hello to all long-timers on the list! I've been lurking for
> awhile, but now need some advice.  
> We are getting a new pump for Kayla and can't decide between the Cozmo 
> and the MM512.  She's been on the MM507C for 5 1/2 years now and we have 
> been pleased with her pump and Minimed's customer service.  It seems 
> like the Cozmo and MM512 are very similar, so I would like to hear from 
> people who have tried both, or people who are using one of these pumps.
> Right now I am leaning more toward the Cozmo simply because it allows 
> more YMMV allowances, such as the insulin-on-board calculations.  Kayla 
> is 10 and started middle school this year.  She's on block scheduling, 
> so she has PE every other day and we need to be able to have multiple 
> basal patterns AND to adjust the insulin-on-board calculations since PE 
> days burn up the breakfast insulin pretty quickly and non-PE days don't. 
>  (She has PE first thing in the morning.)  Throw in the pre-puberty 
> issues and we've got to have a pump that is more flexible than the 507C 
> she is currently using!
> Any helpful comments will be appreciated!
> Kasey
> mom to Kayla, 10yo, pumping 5 1/2 yrs
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come and explain the benefits of their product. I was
interested to see how their correction and insulin on board calculations
worked for me.  Deltec let me do a home trial but MM would not.  You
might get different answers but it's worth the calls.

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
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