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[IP] IP] IM Amazed WAS (MiniMed Admitted Screw-Up)

well Ryan... i dont want to get, in a P#@# match about this, but, in fact
I DID and DO take the time read your post... i often find them quite 
educational, and accurate (as best i can tell)
all be it, sometimes a little over the top...

most of the following, is nothing but reiteration,so, a lot of you, may 
wish not to waste your time, and read on any further.

 >>and NOT starting to once again let the discussion deteriorate into 
unjustified opinion
(is this a misquote)

Oh, im sooooooooo far off , interpreting this, the way i did....
(im not sure, that any opinion., requires justification... if it did, it 
couldnt be much of an opinion)

(brand XYZ  pumps may be the best in the world, but, if i want to say "IMO, 
i THINK they stink",
then i say it....  ...... you needn't agree,nor fell im even slightly correct,
but i "Can Feel it or Say It", and i need NO justification

 >>They were advertising correctly, and had no intention to advertise falsely.
like you any clue at all, as to any of their intentions..

Considering some of the statements, i personally feel  Quite Justified,
in reading some of the statements,  "unjustifiably opinionated" ....

 >>So, PLEASE do NOT start accusing MM falsely of things.
and, why, cant i do this... especially in the situation?... just WHO knows, 
what FALSELY is ??

ill take you, for what you say, but  can you really accuse me of inaccurate 
quoting, or accuse me, of not reading.

i am truly sorry, and i really mean no personal insult at all.....
but, i read all of your post, on this subject,
and whether you like it or not, I (just me), Felt, as i read your post,
"unbridled support" for the MM....

that just how I read it, i could be wrong
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