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"their method is far superior" was [IP] Insulin On Board Methods

Judi wrote:

"I did a home trial of a Cozmo and got wonderful results with it.  I also
met with a rep from MM but they refuse to let you do a home trial of a
512 pump.  They do claim that their method is far superior than the
Deltec method though".

My son did a two week test of the Cozmo before deciding to switch from his
very old HTRonV100.  The test was terrific and convinced us the switch was the
way to go.  MM is just stupid to make these claims that their method is far
superior and not substantiate it and not offer test trials with their pumps.
are sophisticated pumpers and no one should have to purchase a pump without
testing one out first.  Would you buy a car that you couldn't test drive?  And
this is a LIFE SUSTAINING device!

Ellen (FL)
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