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Re: [IP] special ed

I want to back Gayle in suggesting that parents of diabetics with 
problems go to your Special Ed. people at your child's school.

Special Education is for ANY student with special needs.  That includes 
the pregnant -- though my school has a seperate program for that -- 
that includes asthma, diabetics, etc.  It does not mean that your child 
has learning problems.  Though, because of absences, you may need some 
additional help.

The Special Ed. chairs and other teachers are TRAINED to deal with 
other teachers and get them to comply.  I've had to go to the Special 
Ed Department Chair and she has had to come to me on many students with 
issues.  Probably the first was a kiddo with migraine headaches who was 
VERY bright, but had lots of absences so had trouble keeping up.  I 
didn't have anything in my confidential folder on him, and just thought 
he was a slacker child (I have lots of those).

Don't be ashamed or bashful about asking for services. They are there, 
every tax payer pays for them and your child (no matter what issues 
they have, are entitled to them).

Besides, the P.E. teacher migth listen to the Special Ed. Department 
chair a bit harder...and if the P.E. teacher doesn't there are 
reprecussions available to the SE chair that aren't available to you.
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