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[IP] special ed

OK, I'm in! When I suggested the mom go to the Director of Special Ed with
information on diabetes because the gym teacher and most others are
uninformed, I was not suggesting that her child be singled out--only that
teachers be educated. I wish there was not such a stigma about special
ed--or children with special needs, like children with diabetes, who
probably are not in special classes but who receive "reasonable
accommodations" through 504 plans. Geez, so many special ed kids are gifted
but have special needs--hearing impaired kids or blind kids or LD kids or
kids with cerebral palsy who have IQs off the charts! But without laws that
provide them with equal access to an education, where would we be? Well, we
would be back in the early 70's and before when we did not have these laws
and so many kids suffered. If special ed departments are doing their job,
they are in the schools educating kids and teachers about these normal kids
who just have special needs...and what those needs are.

And get this--a jerk, PhD in special education (emotionally impaired area)
and licensed psychologist, that I used to work with was about as
ill-informed as they
come. When I was diagnosed in '97, he would prance around when we had staff
pot luck lunches and point out what I couldn't have--basically all the
desserts. He had no concept of carbohydrates, etc. I guess he thought if I
ate all the pastas and breads and no desserts, I would be fine!  Like I
said --what a jerk!

Anyway--I still say--you parents and kids with diabetes are the experts--put
your expertise to work and TEACH!

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