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[IP] Type 2 NOT caused by obesity...

There has been studies and research looking into Type 2 diabetes and finding
that it may be the result of the body's genetics as a way to survive winters
without food and "stocking up" during summer months, etc.  There was
research into Native American Indians that showed evidence that genetics has
led to the body actually allowing those who are "Type 2" prone to actually
have survived in the past due to this, etc.

Well, anyhow, this is controversial at this point.  But a recent look at
statistics in the U.S. has shown that while obesity in the U.S. has grown
DRAMATICALLY in the last 2 years, there is NO increase in Type 2 diabetes.

What this indicates is that obesity doesn't CAUSE Type 2 diabetes in any
way...but rather, that the genetics that lead to the development of Type 2
diabetes ALSO make people prone to obesity.

In other words, obesity is NOT a cause of Type 2 diabetes...but rather a
co-symptom of the genetics that lead to Type 2 diabetes.

This is good news and bad.  First, it means that people who have overweight
who have Type 2 don't need to feel guilty for having "caused" their Type
2...and second, it is good because these same people likely have metabolisms
and body genetics that lend themselves to having more weight.

The bad news is that the information could lead to an "excuse" to allow
people to continue eating unhealthy and in a way that leads to obesity.

The key here is that if you are eating healthy, but still are experiencing
the inability of losing weight, you shouldn't overly concern yourself or
feel guilty.  But, if you are overweight as a result of just poor eating
habits, you should try to curb them for health's sake...but NOT having to
worry about Type 2 developing specifically as a result.

This is also good news because further research in Type 2 treatment might
stop focusing on weight-loss as a preventative measure, but in finding the
lifestyle patterns that allow the genetics to NOT develop into Type 2

So, in 10 years time, we may very well be discussin the myth that overeating
causes or can cause Type 2 diabetes...it seems that there is growing
evidence that is simply a falicy.


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