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Re: [IP] Paradigm Letter (The Fans Keep Cheering)

 -- On Sun 09/07, Shawna < email @ redacted > wrote:

 From: Shawna [mailto: email @ redacted]To: email @ redacted: Sun,
7 Sep 2003 13:01:49 -0400Subject: Re: [IP] Paradigm Letter (The Fans Keep
Cheering)I would think MM had better get interested in customer relations
becausethey've got some stiff competition with Animas and Deltec. If I had
wanteda waterproof pump I would have gone with Animas. I chose the
Paradigmbecause of size and the remote feature which, as it turns out, I don't
useanyway. I personally have been very happy with my pump and all my
dealingswith MM customer service up to this point. It appears they may have a
lotof dissatisfied customers now, though, not only with this "watertight"issue,
but also with the supposed free upgrade from the 511 to the 512confusion. Free
upgrades were never mentioned to me or my trainer, but thenthe Cozmo wasn't out
yet when I got my pump. I wonder if the people whowere considering the Cozmo
were told they'd get free upgrades? Anyway, theyshould be bending over backwa!
  rds right now to satisfy their currentcustomers, or they just may go elsewhere
next time.Shawna
 Before I actually went to the individual web sites and looked at the two
companies, I had been given a site that compares all the current pumps and their
features across the board. Waterproof was nice but not a really big issue with
me since I don't do alot of swimming and as a type II, I can disconnect for
awhile and it not really be a bother. What I did like was the .5 unit increments
which MM didn't have and Animas did. The Cosmo also had it but my endo had only
recommended the MM and Animas. Those are the only two he is use to dealing with.
Besides, no offense to the Cosmo people or those who wear the Cosmo pump but it
looks odd TO ME! LOL Just not MY cup of tea. And I had decided that the Animas,
assuming all other things being equal, might be the way to go IF things worked
out but I knew of MM's PUMP reputation (this was prior to all this other). I had
even worked with a division of Medtronics in a previous lifetime, long before
they bought out MM and the division I ha!
  d been in, the ladies there were committited to customer service (I guess they
are long gone). So I had not ruled out MM/Medtronics in spite of all I had read
on this list...until I ran into my own personal brick wall. I can shop elsewhere
just like anyone else and I let MM know there IS competition and if they don't
get their act together, they won't be top of the heap long. Liz

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