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[IP] IM Amazed WAS (MiniMed Admitted Screw-Up)


Please take the time to actually read my post and understand the point.  I
am in no way MM's fan club, nor have I ever SAID nor suggested that nothing
negative could be applied to MM.  I have, in fact, stated some very negative
things against MM on this matter.

What I cannot tolerate for ANY company, including "almighty MM" as you
called them, is to start saying things that are either plain untrue or
completely unjustifed.  Specifically, I was responding to your comment that
MM just "changed their mind" one day.

You may have an opinion...but you have twisted and confused stating opinion
with miscontruing facts to the point of it being flat-out untruths.

I am NOT happy that this pump is being no longer considered water tight.
AND, if MM doesn't do something about it more than send out a letter
concerning the issue, well, they will have made a huge mistake.

BUT, they have, first and foremost, come forward with this concern to
PROTECT the safety of its customers due to a potential defect that has not
been previously found throughout numerous levels of testing.  In fact, MM
themselves does not even know for certain that the problem is actually a
defect at all (although, I'm guessing it is).  So, to come out and start
literally bashing and falsely accusing MM of just up and "changing their
mind", etc. is simply WRONG.  I don't care what you call it (opinion,
expressing feelings, etc.) it is still WRONG until the facts come to play,
and we learn what is going to be done about it.  I mean, at this stage even
MM doesn't know what they are going to do about it, so you are VERY
presumptuous to speak this way about MM.

I will emphasize, yet again (and again, and again) that I have not
particular "love" of MM any more than any other company.  Just because I
have their pump, I am impartial in the matter.  I experienced a pump failure
in January (E21 error).  I recognized that MM had faulty software.  MM
recognized this, too, and have tried to fix it.

I will have the same reaction if I happen to read on this group the same
misrepresentation of ANY pump company.  If the same comments were made
against Deltec or Disentronic or Animas, etc., I would stick up for them
based on the current information.  (Stick up in the sense of not tolerate
misrepresentation...NOT meaning that I don't recognize flaws when/if they
have them.)

So, "Negative comments are ok, as LONG as they are grounded in the truth,
and not unsubstantiated opinion."


> >>So, PLEASE do NOT start accusing MM falsely of things.  YES, there is a
> >>problem...but focus on the problem, and NOT starting to once again let
> >>discussion deteriorate into unjustified opinion about this, which seems
> >>happen SO OFTEN on this forum.
> >>They did advertise their pumps as water tight and need to make efforts
>to give
> >>users that ability.
> >>Isn't it great they *admitted* the screw-up and not deny it?
>SO, am i now to understand, that the feelings are now:
>"Negative comments, are ok, as long as they're not applied to MM"
>PLEH-EZE..... they get No Break, at least, from Me, because theyre are the
>G-D all might Mini Med.
>or because of there Fan Club......
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