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Re: [IP] Paradigm Letter (The Fans Keep Cheering)

I would think MM had better get interested in customer relations because
they've got some stiff competition with Animas and Deltec.  If I had wanted
a waterproof pump I would have gone with Animas.  I chose the Paradigm
because of size and the remote feature which, as it turns out, I don't use
anyway.  I personally  have been very happy with my pump and all my dealings
with MM customer service up to this point.  It appears they may have a lot
of dissatisfied customers now, though, not only with this "watertight"
issue, but also with the supposed free upgrade from the 511 to the 512
confusion.  Free upgrades were never mentioned to me or my trainer, but then
the Cozmo wasn't out yet when I got my pump.  I wonder if the people who
were considering the Cozmo were told they'd get free upgrades?  Anyway, they
should be bending over backwards right now to satisfy their current
customers, or they just may go elsewhere next time.


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> --- On Sun 09/07, Shawna &lt; email @ redacted &gt; wrote:
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> 7 Sep 2003 12:22:33 -0400Subject: Re: [IP] Paradigm Letter (The Fans Keep
> Cheering)At the very least, from a customer servicestandpoint, I think
> should send the sports guard to every Paradigm userfree of charge instead
> telling people they can buy one.Shawna
>  From a personal point of view, I don't think MM/Medronics is even
interested in
> Customer Relations. And I even told the MM trainer who called me the day
> I was scheduled to be hooked up to my Animas pump exactly that. She asked
me why
> I said that. I was polite but I told her that the web site was very
> comparitively speaking. MM's you have to send off for a brochure/video and
> then the video was backordered in my case for 2 weeks. Animas you can fill
> an email and I was contacted the next MORNING by a person and we had a 45
> conversation. I was approved THAT afternoon. If my endo had not been on
> vacation, I would have been on the pump before I even received the
> video FROM MM. In fact, my first HUMAN contact with MM was that day. That
> close to a MONTH after I had made intial contact with them. Now if they
> were interested in selling pumps, they would do better than that. But I
> they figure they have the market sewn up now th!
>   at Disetronic is out of the picture and they don't have to worry about
> providing customer service. Well, my wallet and that of my insurance
> went elsewhere. And I let that trainer know that however good her
> product was, the company's service especially customer service was very
poor and
> that is what made me go elsewhere. She thanked me for the honest feedback.
> we ended the call on friendly terms. This was on August 19th. I got hooked
up on
> August 20th to my Animas. Liz
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