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Re: [IP] maltose

   Essentially all carbs are broken down or chemically altered in the 
GI tract to enter the blood as glucose.   This includes maltose which 
is a sugar comprised of 2 glucose molecules.  It will raise your BG 
just like glucose or sucrose.  Sucrose is half glucose and half 
fructose, but the GI enzymes break that bond and quickly convert the 
fructose into glucose.  The glycemic indexes state that sucrose is 
about half as effective in raising BG, but I'd be very cautious about 
believing this.  For me, glucose and sucrose raise my BG exactly the 
same amount and at the same rate, so the GI tables may not be at all 
useful for diabetics.  If you have any doubts, it's an easy 
experiment to try on yourself.  I'd bet the same amount of maltose 
would raise BG exactly the same as glucose or sucrose.

>From: "Earl and Kay Guy" <email @ redacted>
>  Recently, I have run across maltose being advertised as a sugar "that
>  doesn't count". In Costco, a company was giving samples of a sugar-free
>  chocolate. I asked what their sweetner was and their reply was that it
>  was maltose. I said, "That has carbs. My daughter with diabetes
>  couldn't eat your product." The guys response was "The carbs in maltose
>  don't count." Then I noticed a friend with type 2 eating a low carb
>  snack bar. The 30 carbs were from maltose. This didn't seem low carb to
>  me.
>  Are the carbs from maltose any different from the carbs in glucose? If
>  not, this is dangerous, false advertising.
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