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Re: [IP] Insulin On Board Methods

This is very interesting and I'd like to hear the answers also.  If there
is anyone who has worn both the 512 and the Cozmo, please post your
thoughts on the two different approaches.

I did a home trial of a Cozmo and got wonderful results with it.  I also
met with a rep from MM but they refuse to let you do a home trial of a
512 pump.  They do claim that their method is far superior than the
Deltec method though.

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
> The Minimed 512 and the Deltec Cozmo both calculate "insulin on board" when
> suggesting adjustments, so as not to stack insulin. The Minimed uses a scale
> that approximates insulin activity based on manufacturer data (90% of the
> insulin activity left after one hour, 65% left after two hours, 43% after
> three hours, and 24% of the activity working between hours four and eight),
> whereas the Cozmo uses a straight line from zero hours to the number of hours
 > the user specifies (if the user specifies four hours, then 75% after one
> 50% after two hours, 25% after three hours, and 0% after four hours).
> At first glance it seems that the Minimed method is superior, since it
> approximates actual insulin activity, rather than a straight line. But is it
> really? When calculating "insulin on board" does one really want to estimate
> insulin _activity_ or insulin that is _unabsorbed_ (or ar they the same
> thing)? That is, even if the insulin activity doesn't follow a straight line,
> perhaps the insulin absorption does, and, therefore, perhaps the Cozmo method
> is superior for calculating "insulin on board."
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