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Re: [IP] Paradigm Letter (The Fans Keep Cheering)

Don't put words in my mouth or take what I said out of context.  I never
said I was satisfied with this kind of treatment.  The point was that people
keep talking about the Paradigm being falsely advertised as being waterproof
and that is incorrect.  It was NEVER advertised that way.  The manual
specifically states it's only watertight, which is not the same as
waterproof, and it provides a definition of what watertight means.  (And by
the way, I used "X" instead of an actual number because I don't remember the
actual number and didn't feel like looking it up.)  When I said "they
covered themselves," it was in response to the following:

> I wonder if
> MM would have to make some sort of restitution to
> those who bought the paradigm because it was
> advertised as being water proof?  Of course, like
> replacing tires, they would say that you got x amount
> of use out it and so they would only give you a
> fraction of its cost...maybe?

My point was that LEGALLY, they would not have to make restitution to anyone
for it not being waterproof, because they never claimed it was.  I am not
defending them, I'm just pointing out the facts people seem to be confused
on.  But now it appears MM is saying the Paradigm isn't even watertight, and
that's a whole different story.

Do I think their response to the situation is satisfactory?  No.  Would I be
mad as H#!! if I were a swimmer and this was important to me or if my pump
had died on my vacation?  Yes.  At the very least, from a customer service
standpoint, I think they should send the sports guard to every Paradigm user
free of charge instead of telling people they can buy one.


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From: "len lutz" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Sunday, September 07, 2003 10:24 AM
Subject: Re: [IP] Paradigm Letter (The Fans Keep Cheering)

> >>"watertight" to 8 feet
>  >> "waterproof" capabilities but the reality is that Minimed only claimed
> it to be "watertight."
>  >>
>  >> it appears they covered themselves.
> NOW, im relived... "they covered themselves"
> i like the way that sounds. Its ok, either accidently, or on purpose,
> to mislead someone, as long as "your @## is covered".... well.. im glad to
> that some people are satisfied, with this kind of treatment.....
> i sure as heck hope, that when they describe their pump as:
> "Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion" Device,
> they Didn't  REALLY mean:
> NEARLY "Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion" Device.....
> of course,
> ive not seen the fine print, on that one, but i sure hope "they've covered
> themselves", just in case.....
> (BTW, i dont need "its every X minutes, not continuous")
> Nice.........
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