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[IP] Welchol


I am not sure this is the proper forum, but, my husband recently was switched 
from Welchol to Zetia for high cholesterol.  I have 6 unopened bottles of 625 
mg tablets (180 tablets in each bottle) that will be accumulating dust in our 
house.  I really do want what we paid for them $20. Per bottle plus postage 
since we are paying about $400.00 per month for the prescriptions (this 
 excludes any over the counter drugs such as aspirin and any of my pump
being used by four family members.

We are co-pay poor.  My husband is Type 2, taking 2 high cholesterol drugs, 
low testosterone cream, high blood pressure, uses blood testing strips and 
 drugs for a low thyroid count. I am type 1, high cholesterol, on two different
antidepressants, currently doing hormone therapy after a hysterectomy, soon to 
 be on a drug for osteoporosis, taking a high cholesterol drug, an ace inhibitor
for my kidneys, aspirin, vitamin E, a multivitamin, calcium, using blood 
testing strips, and insulin of course!

Both of our sons have ADHD, are taking Strattera (the highest copay on our 
insurance plan) and take an antidepressant that is prescribed by the same 

Three bottles expire on February 2005, three bottles expire March 2005.  All 
of these bottles are unopened.  There is a 7th bottle that is almost full that 
expires in April 2004.  I understand that the retail price is about $138. Per 
bottle from Drugstore.com.  Please e-mail me privately at email @ redacted 
if you are interested.  I will mail by US Mail, to US addresses.

Why is Welchol not available in Canada since it is made in Toronto?  Just 

Cee Dee
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