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Re: [IP] maltose

Maltose will raise your blood sugar.  And if I recall correctly, it's also
very high on the Glycemic Index.  You are right that these new "low carb"
bars are dangerous, false advertising.  They say things like "net carbs" and
"effective carbs," claiming that only a small percentage of the carbs count
(like 2).  As if the other 28 carbs mysteriously sneak through your body
undetected.  The only kind of carbohydrate that is "ineffective" is fiber
and these bars sure don't have that much fiber.


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Subject: [IP] maltose

> Recently, I have run across maltose being advertised as a sugar "that
> doesn't count". In Costco, a company was giving samples of a sugar-free
> chocolate. I asked what their sweetner was and their reply was that it
> was maltose. I said, "That has carbs. My daughter with diabetes
> couldn't eat your product." The guys response was "The carbs in maltose
> don't count." Then I noticed a friend with type 2 eating a low carb
> snack bar. The 30 carbs were from maltose. This didn't seem low carb to
> me.
> Are the carbs from maltose any different from the carbs in glucose? If
> not, this is dangerous, false advertising.
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