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Hi Gail,

Isn't it sad that doctors don't place more importance on Type 2 
diabetes?  My dad was diagnosed a few years ago and his doctor did 
the same thing...gave him 'script and sent him on his way!  I gave 
him one of Noah's meters, told him he needs to test every day and 
called the doctor to write a 'script for test strips.  It's 
unbelievable to me that this is standard treatment from a lot of 
doctors.  Very sad.  Especially when they know all of diabetes' 

I congratulate you on getting involved at the level you are with this 
teen.  It sounds like you are going above and beyond the call of 
duty!  How lucky for him that his path has crossed yours!  I wish you 
success in all you're trying to accomplish.

Cindy, mom to 16 y/o Noah, dx age 9, pumping since 6/99

>>For those who are looking for assistance in helping explain diabetes to
your significant other, older child or other interested person. Joslin
has Free online classes that are divided up in short subjects and deal
with type I and II. I think they are well done.
I'm thinking of using it with a teenager that just got diagnosed with
type II and is using starlix at meals. When he went to the doctor's he
told me that the doctor told him he had type II diabetes and that all he
had to do was take a pill when he ate and hand him a prescription for 90
pills for a 30 day supply. His mother wasn't at the appointment. He was
not given a meter or told to get one.
He is a bright 16 year old and has been asking all the staff at our
program about diabetes. We have 4 type II diabetes and another staff
member and I are type I. A couple of other staff have spouses that are
diabetics. Since the kids are with us a short time and court order to be
with us we are taking advantage of the time and trying to help him get
as much knowledge and other resources he can go to after he leaves us.
I just got permission from the mother to talk to him about the diabetes
and have one of nurses from another facility come over to talk to him as
well. The nurse is arranging to bring a meter he can have as well.
I think these online classes might be a good idea for him as well. He
has a low reading level but loves the computer.
Gail Donohue<<
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