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Re: [IP] Paradigm Letter

>> I have a 512 and have never taken it off when
>> showering.  I just don't think it would be a problem,
>> even with "the letter" from MM.  If I take a bath I
>> lay it outside the tub.  I think that this really
>> impacts those who wanted to swim with their pump and I
>> can understand why they would be upset.  I wonder if
>> MM would have to make some sort of restitution to
>> those who bought the paradigm because it was
>> advertised as being water proof?  Of course, like
>> replacing tires, they would say that you got x amount
>> of use out it and so they would only give you a
>> fraction of its cost...maybe?  Blessings Cynthia
> Don't hold your breath, Disetronic didn't do anything for us H-Tron+ users
> except send us a letter to try to limit any liability they could have and
> tell us not to wear it in water.  Not only not to wear it in water, but not
> even put in near water.

When I called them today I was told that you just can't use the pump in the
water.  When I asked what I could do about that the reply was that I could
buy a sports guard. When I asked how much that was I was told about $20
great for someone who has a little extra cash, Unfortunately I do not have
even an extra $10 that I can purchase this with. I did ask if they were
going to fix the problem because that is why I upgraded to the 511. The
person on the phone did not really care I did ask if when it was fixed would
the fix be free to current users or are the only important users the ones
that have cash in their pockets. Us that are struggling financially can do
nothing with the new features or use the pump the way (I) intended.  (I have
loved my Paradigm and so far have had great service but the person that I
talked with today could have cared less just wanted to get me off the phone)
(Never had service that bad when calling to ask questions or complain about
something) I know that he did not log in my complaint because he did not
even ask my name or the serial # of my pump.

This is just what I experienced when I called others may have had more
helpful people to converse with.
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