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Re: [IP] Ultra Smart

> Ok, I got a new meter today. I fully intended to get the One Touch Ultra but
> the rep talked me into the Ultra Smart--- it was free so what the heck! I am
> wondering if anyone has it and if they like it, what is bad about it and what
> features you use. I also didn't get a manual with it and am wondering if I
> need
> it. Please forgive me if this was a recently discussed topic-- I did a search
> but didn't find anything (unless I did it wrong).

I have two manuals if you want one but if you just call One Touch they will
send you one for free. (That is how I got my second one it was actually sent
in place of a brochure (they did not have one yet for the Ultra Smart)) If
you want my extra one let me know off list at email @ redacted
I really like my Ultra Smart the big draw back is there is no way to track
what your basal rates are or any changes that you might make with them (like
temp basal). I have already called and complained about this a couple of
times. Their answer is to tell you about how you can enter in the TDD I
really think that this takes too much time and do not like to do this. Of
course this my own opinion and yours may vary. YMMV.

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