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Re: [IP] Letter from the FMCSA??

 I'm confused. What exemptions are they giving to type 1 diabetics. I don't get
it. ????

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I received a letter today from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety 
Administration. I believe that one of our members had asked for us 
to comment to the government about making some exceptions for insulin 
dependent commercial vehicle drivers. Here is their response:

Thank you for your comment to our docket concerning the proposal on 
the operation of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) by persons with 
insulin-treated diabetes mellitus (Docket FMCSA 2001 9800). Your 
comments were given careful consideration and helped us arrive at a 
decision to initiate an exemption program for insulin-treated 
commercial drivers. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration 
(FMCSA) published a notice in the Federal Register today announcing 
its decision to issue exemptions to certain insulin-treated diabetic 
drivers in interstate commerce. FMCSA will, however, leave the 
docket (FMCSA-2001-9800) open for comments on potential changes to 
the specific conditions for the exemption program. We are 
particularly interested in further information and data that may 
allow adjustment of the 3-year experience threshold. FMCSA is also 
seeking information on which types of interstate motor carrier 
operations may be most (or least) conducive to the driver's required 
monitoring of his or her medical condition. Comments should be 
submitted to the docket in an expeditiously manner as possible.

FMCSA will grant exemptions only to those applicants who meet the 
specific conditions and comply with all the requirement of the 
exemption. The agencyh will accept requests for diabetic exemptions 
beginning September 22. Exemptions will be valid for 2 years unless 
revoked by GMCSA and the agency may renew exemptions at the end of 
the 2-year period under procedures in effect at that time. Requests 
fo rexemptions should be sent to FMCSA Diabetes Exemption Program, 
400 Seventh Street SW, Washington DC 20590.


So will you be riding with your hugsband now Jan? ;>)

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