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Re: [IP] RE: Cartridge change

Ryna, you have to stop making things like this up and then stating it 
like it is fact.   You may believe that if you change a site every 3 
days, you will avoid some imagined effect 10 years from now, but that 
is only your belief.  No facts at all.  If you were really so 
concerned, you really should change every 2 days, or one day.  The 
facts are that your body actively begins to repair an injury 
immediately, not after 1, 2, or 3 days.  Indeed,  some diabetics get 
tissue atrophy and/or scarring from just injections that cause much 
less damage than a pump catheter.  And some pumpers will be able to 
go 4 days with no long term  problems.  Until there is some study 
done to provide facts, don't make them up. YMMV is the only relevant 
fact here.

<<<<<<<<<< Developing scar tissue has nothing to do with how long a 
site lasts. You might be able to leave in a infusion set for 10 days 
without losing
  effectiveness...regardless, starting around 3 days, your body 
may/will start to
develop scar tissue.  The effect of this won't be noticed immediately.  Over
the course of 10 years, however, this can lead to sites becoming ineffective.
Changing out a site every 3 days helps to avoid or minimize this effect in the
long term.  email @ redacted>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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