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Re: [IP] Bad sites

I've had the same problems, on MDI .  I found bubbles in my novolog 
pen,  I was shooting a couple of units but with the bubbles compressing 
I wasn't getting the amt I drew up.
So far, I've been bubble free on the pump!!!  (since thursday afternoon :)

Terese Berryman wrote:

>Terry wrote:
>>I seem to have "random" bad sites.  ...suddenly my levels shoot up to the low
>200s and they
>>won't come down.  Correction boluses don't work.  I have switched sites
>>twice and none of them have straightened out the problem (that's basically 3
>>consecutive bad sites).  I am at a loss for why this is happening, unless
>>there is something else going on with my body.  I had a slight cold (I
>>thought it was allergies) for about 2 days last week but it didn't turn into
>>anything big.  Today I feel fine.  Has anyone else experienced this?
>Terry, I've experienced the *shoot up to the low 200s & won't come down* a
>number of times during the past few weeks and I, too, am at a loss.  I'm not
>ill and don't have any major changes or new stress in my life.  I've changed
>the insulin bottle, the site, my meter, eaten only foods that I'm used to and
>still it's happening.  I don't think it's the sites.  In my case, there's no
>redness, the cannula is straight & unclogged when I remove it & they haven't
>been in more than 2-3 days when the bg goes high.  I'm no help here:  I'm in
>the same boat and looking for new suggestions, too...
>Lee & her Paradigm 511
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