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[IP] Paradigm and water tightness and peoples opinions

I think we all need to remember that we all are not the same!!!!

That is what make this world and this list so interesting.

If you do not see a need for water tightness in YOUR pump than good for you,
but there are other out there (including me) that do and when we bought the
Paradigm (or the D-tron or what ever it was called that was also
re-classified) we did include that into our decision.  It is not better or
worse to want/need that feature.  Nor is the end of the world either that it
changed but don't trivialize other people's needs because the do not agree
with yours.

Also, my 2c -  I have my reservations with the explanation that it could be
due to hair line cracks due to 'dropping' the pump.  I say this because I
received a new pump from MM weeks before departing to my vacation (because I
was concern about the watertight of it.)  The pump that actually died was
less than a couple of weeks out of the box and I can attest  that I did not
drop this pump EVER before it died.

I have my guess at to what it could but that is all it is A GUESS.

Either way, I have requested MM provide a letter explaining where or how the
water got in.  They say they WILL provide that to me but that it usually
take a few months since the FDA has to review it first.

I AM very satisfied with their service and it is not because I am a FAN of
them or I am in their FAN club.  I am a very picky customer and called them
all the time.  I demand a lot of them and they always deliver.  I have
visited and called the local Reps house at all times of day and night and
they have bent over backwards in all cases (for free) to help.  In addition,
they have provided a couple of continuous Glucose monitors for 3-5 days and
have sat with me to help me tune up my pump.  

Just try to remember that we are all not the same.  That is what make this
world so wonderful.  How dull would it be if we all wanted the same things
in life.

Well, I am now stepping from my soapbox.

Have a good rest of the weekend
dx'd T1 2-11-02 pumping since 6-02 (MM's 511 Paradigm)
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