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[IP] Store Alarms being set off by the Pump.

I have read some accounts of pumpers reporting that their pumps were setting
off security alarms in department stores, so I thought that I would share the
following event.

I had two place where the security alarm would go off when I went in or out
(OSCO and Target).  Last week I went into Target and the store security alarm
sounded.  The very young security guard walked my way and I thought I was
going to be accused of something bad, but to my surprise, she said that if I
had a new wallet that that might be setting off the alarm.  I assured her that
it happened in more places than at Target and my wallet was an old one.  She
said that the wallet and purse manufacturers sew security tags into there
products, which if not de-magetized at purchase would set the alarm off
forever if they weren't de-magnetized.  I said that I thought that it was my
pump.  She asked if I minded if she took the wallet through the door.  I said
no that it would be nice if it was the wallet.  She tested it and sure enough
the wallet set the security alarm off.  She took my wallet to the cash
register and de-magnetized it and I haven't set the alarm off since in either
Target or OSCO.

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