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[IP] Diseteronic pump failure

Tracey wrote:
>my pump has been under in fusing.......and i almost died.......so be weary
folks.....it could happen to you.....

I've been having unexplained high's.  First I narrowed it to "bad" insulin and
changed to a new bottle.  Okay for a day or two.  Then up into the 200's
again.  Discovered the test strips were "bad".  Changed to a new canister and
okay for a few days.  Then used powdered creamer in my tea at work and went
into the 200's again.  I suspect the Glycemic index on that stuff must be
enormous so I stopped using it and appear okay today.  So many variables.
(Maybe it IS the moon, or the pump fairy... re: frustration du jour x duex.)
So now, considering that my Paradigm has been taking showers with me for a
year and a half, how would I know if the pump is under in fusing?  Is it lying
to me when I check the stats?
Lee & Beep
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