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[IP] Paradigm Letter

Sharee wrote:
>They said that they are now advising people not to submerge
>the  paradigm in water, but not to panic if it gets splashed. They said
>that they have  been receiving lots of calls about people's pumps getting
>water into them. ... I have had no problems so far and I swim almost daily.

What would a problem look like?  I have a Paradigm 511 and have been putting
it in a shower-curtain-rod-bag thing inside the
water-falling-down-splashing-the-pump part of the shower for 18 months now.  A
while back I noticed that the display gets psychedelic sometimes; There are
colors swirling about the display.  Does this mean that water has gotten in
there & I'm headed for an event of some kind?
Lee & Beep
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