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> Diabetes is a complicated diease so I am not sure how to explain the whole
picture in simple words. Any ideas or suggestions?

Lyra, is it diabetes, or pump use, that you're having a hard time

This has been my simplistic explanation for diabetes (usually explained to
children, but sometimes even adults, who ask about my pump):

We all need energy to do what we do each day.  Our bodies make our energy in
tiny, tiny places called cells.  The cells use the food we eat to make the
energy, and the specks of food can only get into the cell by using a special
key that opens the cell wall.  That key is called insulin - it opens the
cell walls and lets the food in so it can be made into energy.  My body
stopped making the special key, so this little box now provides the key so I
can have energy for my day.

Hope that helps,
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