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Re: [IP] gym teacher


Welcome to the group!  We are sometimes a  contentious bunch so it may be
helpful to have you and Ryan calming the waters on occasion!

You are quite right about teachers doing the best they can with what is
current in their field and that often teachers specialize so much that it is
hard to teach globally.

I worked in special education for 25 years (I'm on disability retirement
now -- Thanks Diabetes!!!!)  My specialty was mental retardation.  My first
sign language teacher was a client at a large institution I worked at.  I
had already learned finger spelling on my own.

I would laboriously finger spell to her and she would periodically stop me
and demonstrate the sign to me.

Early on I learned that teachers can also learn a lot from their students if
their minds are open enough!

Again, Welcome!


> I just joined the list, just began pumping, and this is my first post.
> Regarding the gym teacher--I was in the field of special education
> (specialty: hearing impairment) for 40 years. For the past 25 years I have
> been a professor at a large university and every semester I taught a
> special education class to "regular" educators. When it came to the
> lecture, I basically taught what was in the texts as I knew very little
> about it.The texts are written by folks usually with a couple of areas of
> expertise and they, also, know little about diabetes. They give it a
> paragraph, if that. My lecture improved considerably when I was diagnosed
> 1997 (at age 57 with Type I). From then on I gave one helluva lecture!  I
> still learning--and a lot of my new knowledge has come from this list!
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