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[IP] gym teacher

I just joined the list, just began pumping, and this is my first post.
Regarding the gym teacher--I was in the field of special education
(specialty: hearing impairment) for 40 years. For the past 25 years I have
been a professor at a large university and every semester I taught a general
special education class to "regular" educators. When it came to the diabetes
lecture, I basically taught what was in the texts as I knew very little
about it.The texts are written by folks usually with a couple of areas of
expertise and they, also, know little about diabetes. They give it a
paragraph, if that. My lecture improved considerably when I was diagnosed in
1997 (at age 57 with Type I). From then on I gave one helluva lecture!  I am
still learning--and a lot of my new knowledge has come from this list!

I suggest that if your school is teaching false information about diabetes,
you get some good information on the difference between Type I and II and
the needs of the child with diabetes--make it concise,  a couple of pages at
most--and make an appointment with the director of special education.
Explain what is being taught (by a well-meaning teacher) and how it is
hurting your child and other diabetics) and suggest they share the correct
information with the teachers in your district. Offer to come to a staff
meeting to share your story and information. If you go to a special ed staff
meeting and educate, those teachers can return to their schools and share
their new info with the teachers in the school. The important thing is to
take printed material that they can duplicate and hand out. These teachers
are doing the best they know how. Many of them were not even required to
take any special ed training and are clueless--but they mean no harm.  Even
special educators specialize in one or two areas and know little about the
others. BTW, I loved having parents of kids with different disabilities come
to my college classes and share their stories. They bring a perspective that
no one else can and are usually the most popular guest lecturers of the

Let me know if I can help.

Also--my pump is the Paradigm and MM has been awesome in the support
department. I have removed it for showering and swimming so haven't dealt
with the water thing. But I say give 'em a break, they are doing the best
they can. I am thrilled with my "Beep"--he is changing my life!

Doctor of Education, retired
Curves franchise owner
dx'd '97, Type I at 57
pumping one month
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