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[IP] Re:Canula site redness

    Liz, there is a difference between irritation and infection. The 
antibiotic cream could be just insurance because for most people the redness
is just the result of an irritation. Even if it is an infection the skin
often fixes things on its own. I often get scrapes and punctures as I do
manual work, in and out of doors, most ever day and very rarely get even the
start of an infection. A vigorous rub with an alcohol swab is all that I use
to prep a new site. About three days later the site gets a quick swipe with
the alcohol; no problems in 5 years of pumping, 26+ years of DM and most of
65 years of breathing.
    The unanswered question ( and the answer to your question) is ' how well
does the biology of your skin cope with germs?' The great thing about this (
infection) issue is that over time you will arrive at the best answer for
your body  ( called trial and error).      Peter

> From: "Elizabeth Ramsey" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Got a question about a site
>   I've been changing my sites about every 3 days but tonight after about 2
 > I happen to notice that this particular site was *hurting* a bit, so I
> to go ahead and change it anyway. When I did, I noticed it was a tad red and
> irritated, so I got out the triple antibiotic and put some on after washing
 > I've covered it loosely with a bandage to keep the antibiotic from rubbing
 > on my clothes for now. I've only been pumping since August 20th so this is
> first time I've run into this. Did I do the appropriate thing? Should I do
> I know to avoid an area for awile before going to it again. Liz
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