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[IP] Re: parents take note

Sara - I thought your fund raising letter was great and not focused on woe
is me, my life is terrible.  I guess your mother would have felt guilty no
matter what.

I am a diabetic daughter and a mother of a diabetic daughter.  When Melinda
was diagnosed last November, I was devastated.  Mostly I felt bad that she
would have to go through the daily challenges I have over the last 30 years.
I did feel some guilt - but the other feelings plus trying to be
supportive/informative were so overwhelming.  Melinda pretty much forbade me
from feeling guilty.  She said she couldn't deal with being diabetic and my
guilt (like you told your Mom).  This from a child who blamed me for her
body shape - I guess only models should procreate whether diabetic or not ;)

Regardless, I decided pretty quickly that there was no way I would ever
regret having her.  She is my greatest joy and even before being diabetic,
she knew me better than anyone.  After Melinda's Dx, I did find out how
devastated my Mom felt about my dx and how she felt so helpless about it.
She never said anything and my family acted like everything was just fine.

My Mom did tell me once that guilt is a wasted emotion.  It is more
productive to do something positive such as raise funds for JDRF.  I am
going to do the Walk for a Cure as well here in Illinois.  It's Ron Santo's
25th year of leading it for the Chicago area.

Age 45, Type 1 dx 09/19/1973, pumping 4 years
and daughter Melinda, age 19, Type 1 - dx 11/04/2002, MDI
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