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Re: [IP] Deltec Cozmo

Judi, you ask or state that the pump is suppose to remember the custom 
 info...you are RIGHT, it IS suppose to. I spent three hours talking to
 today and they have not heard of this problem happening and yet we are having
happen with  Josh's SECOND pump (did not happen with the first!!)  So 
 tomorrow we get another new pump and they told me they are quite anxious to get
pump and run some test to see what is going on.

Matt's post tonight has totally MADE MY DAY!!!  I was thinking it was me or 
 just us. I don't like the problem but it is nice to know that it isn't me...it
is the SW on the pump.

But we LOVE the Deltec, inspite of the few things we have had go wrong 
already.  The kinks will get worked out and we will be oh, so happy!!

mom to Joshua

just goes to show you that no one company is perfect....no matter what the 
reps try to tell you!!!!!
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