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Re: [IP] Deltec Cozmo

Sylvia --

I lost my custom bolus menus not long after I first got my Cozmo, and
figured out what was causing it. Hopefully you're experiencing something

I set up a "Breakfast" bolus, where I get 1 unit per 10g CHO, compared with
my standard 1:13 ratio for all other times of day. This worked fine UNTIL I
changed the setting on the pump to administer boluses using units of insulin
instead of grams of CHO. I tested this out by repeating the same scenario
(the IT geek in me took over right away) and sure enough, the custom bolus
remained until I switched the setting to bolus by units instead of carbs.

Please check this out on your son Joshua's pump. I'd suggest trying to
program the pump again, making sure that it is set for carbs, not units,
when bolusing.

I really hope this is the cause of the disappearing profiles for you and
your son. Please let me know if this is it, or if it's something else.

Pumping since 6/99
Cozmo-ing since 6/03

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From: <email @ redacted>

> John, your suggestion sound a bit confusing to me, even though I
> th elogic of it.  But after I programed the pump I always check everything
> on the pump to make sure that it took the personalized stuff.  It always
> it there.  But then when Josh goes to do a meal bolus those named boluses
> we had are once again gone.  Everything else is in there, including the
> of his pump, our phone numbers, his basals, everything except the multiple
> personalized bolus profiles.  So far that is the only item that

> Sylvia
> mom to Joshua
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