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[IP] showering with Out the pump WAS ( admitting errors )

 >>What IS the big deal about showering with the pump on anyway?  What DO you
 >>hook it to when you are in there?
well. lets just say, i dont, and leave it at that....

happens, that i couldnt agree with Sara, more, on this issue...
As a matter of fact, for me, its a 10 minute break, i get each day....
a few minutes, of "un-tethered  time", i look forward to.
(well, there may be a few others, but, lets just say, they're not scheduled)

BUT, i think that there are still setups, that dont disconnect, and those 
folks, have little choice....

For those off you that can, I Think it unlikely (i know nothing... im just 
guessin'), that a few disconnected minutes, would cause you harm, you just 
might find it a little relaxing,
and may also find that little break, helps you through  the other 23 hours, 
and 50 minutes, every day.
(at least, it does for me)

BTW, i'll not tell anyone, which set to use, but, ive seen that one, where 
you "Rotate it"
(is that the quick-set), and i use the one, which clips on like the 
"Latches of a back-pack"
(i think its the ultra...), there's little compassion, whether you like it 
or not,
IMO, nothing is as easy, to connect, or disconnect, as what Disetronic has 
come up with.

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