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[IP] admitting errors

oh phooooey.....You know why they take really good, effective drugs off the 
market,  and why really fabulous ones sometimes don't MAKE it to the market at 
all?  cuz a couple people DIE....enough peoples' liver damage could be linked 
to Rezulin to have it removed, despite the wonderful things it did for 
 millions of others. One of the kidney drug studies I was on lost funding when
person died....even though it could not conclusively be tied to the drug, it 
could not be 100% ruled out, so they dropped the study.

Same thing with the paradigm.....1 or 2%  of the people have reported 
 problems with their pump getting wet, so MNMD is covering their ass and making
 other 98% aware. Don't any of you remember when Disetronic said the EXACT same
thing several years ago - their supposedly "water proof" pump all of a sudden 
WASN'T.  There was a big old stink here...ahhh how soon they forget.

What IS the big deal about showering with the pump on anyway?  What DO you 
hook it to when you are in there?  You are not going to DIE, or even notice a 
change in blood sugar if you disconnect for a 10 minute shower...if you are on 
such a high basal rate that you might miss a drip, you can always take a cover 
hit before or after.  And what is the big deal about putting the damn thing in 
a clear baggie, taping it shut and going on the stupid water ride?  you don't 
need to actually have fingerprint touch on the paads....though i am sure that 
day is coming - only an authorized fingerprint wiull be able to administer 
insulin...to keep children from playing with the buttons...LOLOL

it is not like they have threatened to TAKE THE PUMP off the market because 
people are experiencing MORE LOWS on pumps than they do on MDI, and there is 
 "always" the possibility of the pump malfunctioning and delivering 200 units of
insulin (well, not if you are on a paradigm...your reservoir doesn't hold that 
much), but STILL, they are selling them and making money and people are 
buying them.  

Maybe we all ought to just check inot the hospital and have them hook up IVs 
to us and let the medical professionals take care of us so we don't have to 
worry about the bumps and obstacles of life (of course, then we have to worry 
about C-Dif...

Sara whose 508 has taken a couple of dunkings and it keeps on ticking...it IS 
water resistant
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