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[IP] IM Amazed WAS (MiniMed Admitted Screw-Up)

 >>So, PLEASE do NOT start accusing MM falsely of things.  YES, there is a
 >>problem...but focus on the problem, and NOT starting to once again let the
 >>discussion deteriorate into unjustified opinion about this, which seems to
 >>happen SO OFTEN on this forum.

 >>They did advertise their pumps as water tight and need to make efforts 
to give
 >>users that ability.
 >>Isn't it great they *admitted* the screw-up and not deny it?

SO, am i now to understand, that the feelings are now:
"Negative comments, are ok, as long as they're not applied to MM"

PLEH-EZE..... they get No Break, at least, from Me, because theyre are the 
G-D all might Mini Med.
or because of there Fan Club......

The stinkin dogs, either lied, or mess up Big Time, but, to make mention of 
it is "Unjustified Opinion"
OH, but to post:
 >>They were advertising correctly, and had no intention to advertise falsely.

is that "Unjustified Opinion" or "Irrational Exuberance" ??? (maybe both)
Give Be a Break !!!!!

Let the "Deterioration" begin, or else, just tell me what i am, or not 
allowed to "Discuss"
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