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RE: [IP] cpap

At 07:30 PM 9/5/03 -0400, you wrote:
>We knew my husband had sleep apnea several years before we could do
>anything about it other then him working overnight shifts to let me
>sleep at night and him in the afternoon by ourselves. But I always
>worried for him behind the wheel etc...Then we got health insurance 5
>years ago. First thing other then my seeing the endo was his sleep
>They stop the sleep study 2 1/2 hours in and placed him on the CPAP for
>the rest of the night because he was setting off all kinds of alarms. O2
>level went and stayed down at 58%. He also didn't breathe but every
>60-90 seconds. The call from the doctor's office was that he would have
>a CPAP machine within 2 days. He has inoperable sleep apnea but they are
>considering now taking the tonsils out and doing some restructuring so
>that they can decrease the pressure some.
>Anyone else on a CPAP that also has to take allergy/decongestion meds to
>keep the stuff from "blowing up his nose" all night?
>Gail Donohue

Gail, I have "Severe Sleep Apnea".  I would stop breathing anywhere from 30 
to 70 times an hour.  What they did for me was put me on a BiPAP machine, 
and it has done wonders for me.  I still wake up during the night, but with 
a humidifier/heater attached with my machine, i find that I don't need the 
nasal spray anymore to keep the breathing passages open.

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