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RE: [IP] cpap

We knew my husband had sleep apnea several years before we could do
anything about it other then him working overnight shifts to let me
sleep at night and him in the afternoon by ourselves. But I always
worried for him behind the wheel etc...Then we got health insurance 5
years ago. First thing other then my seeing the endo was his sleep

They stop the sleep study 2 1/2 hours in and placed him on the CPAP for
the rest of the night because he was setting off all kinds of alarms. O2
level went and stayed down at 58%. He also didn't breathe but every
60-90 seconds. The call from the doctor's office was that he would have
a CPAP machine within 2 days. He has inoperable sleep apnea but they are
considering now taking the tonsils out and doing some restructuring so
that they can decrease the pressure some.

Anyone else on a CPAP that also has to take allergy/decongestion meds to
keep the stuff from "blowing up his nose" all night?

Gail Donohue
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