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Re: [IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #508

She was freaking because I had my hand above my breast and was pushing 
buttons.  I don't think the beeping was what got her, but I'm not sure. 
  It was REALLY funny,but maybe you had to be there.  Had me smiling 
most of the day.

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<So I thought I would be smart and do an audio bolus.  The teacher with 
learning how to fix the computer absolutely freaked until I showed her 

Kathleen - when my hidden pump beeps and I get "the look" I just look 
with a
sly sort of face, wink and tell them "it's the mother ship" and go on 
my business.  If they pursue it, I let them know all is okay, it's just 
medical feedback noise.
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