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[IP] gym teachers

Although our pumper is only in the third grade, your message made me mad 
as hell.  Since it's Friday, you will have to wait until Monday, but 
call the school first thing.  The next is up to you.  You can either ask 
to speak directly to the blockhead, er, gym teacher, or you can ask for 
a few minutes to speak to the principal.  Either way, ask if they *know* 
exactly what causes Type I diabetes, what the source of their knowledge 
is and then offer to make some mutually agreed upon time for them to 
really be educated.  If they prove at all resistant, you might casually 
mention that scorning/disrespecting people with known life-threatening 
medical disabilities is probably not a good thing, especially in light 
of multiple legal cases that support that view, not to mention your 
daughter's medical plan or 504 plan.  By this point they should be 
paying *very* close attention to every word you're saying.<g>

Above all, you have to do something to nip this in the bud, right away, 
or there will be even bigger problems, especially with this coach, 
further down the line.

Andrew Dad to Eric, dx 9/25/00, pumping since 5/01
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