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Re: [IP] gym teachers

 Although from a very technical standpoint, this gym teacher is not correct...he
is actually more RIGHT than wrong.  Remember that Juvenile Diabetes is no 
longer the accept term because it implies diabetes that you get as a Juvenile.

Today, they are finding a dramatic rise in the number of cases of Type 2 
diabetes among juveniles.  It is becoming epidemic.  I think that schools are 
instructed to push fitness as a preventative measure in this regard.  The 
 problem was that this gym teacher used an out-dated term (juvenile diabetes) to
tell a FACT...that people who are not fit, overweight, and don't eat right can 
IN FACT develop Type 2 diabetes even as a juvenile.

Furthermore, his desire to know who has asthma and diabetes is likely for 
health/safety reasons.  He is responsible for the kids, and if one of his 
students starts to have breathing problems or starts "acting funny" due to low 
blood sugar, he needs to know that in order to handle it appropriately.  Both 
asthma and diabetes will affect gym teachers more than any other teacher 
because both can have problems caused by activity.  

Now, it very well COULD be that he is out of touch...but I would give him the 
benefit of the doubt at this point, and merely correct his misconceptions.  
After all, I know a lot of DIABETICS who don't understand the difference 
between Type 1 and Type 2, let alone teachers, friends, family, nurses, 
doctors, etc.  :-)

Now, your daughter's bigger issue is likely the fellow students.  Some 
 education might need to take place there, and you might talk to the gym teacher
and request that he clarify his comments to say that not all cases of diabetes 
are the result of not being fit, etc.  (And, if he doesn't know this, then it 
is a good way to teach him, gently.)

>Eves (16) first day of high school was on Tuesday. She has gym the first
>hour. One of the gym teachers (not hers) was talking about the benefits of
>staying fit and what can happen if you dont stay fit. He went on to say
>that people who are not fit, overweight and dont eat right get JUVENILE
>DIABETES. What??? This is a new one to me. I thought that type 1 or JUVENILE
>diabetes was the bodys immune system destroying the insulin producing
>cells. I thought it had nothing to do with being fit or not. The following I
>found on the CDC web site.
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