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Re: [IP] Re: Total Daily Doses

You got a point there. I was told no mater what if I had further testing done
or not to "prove" I was type 1 , they are going with the C-peptide AND HbA1c's
and nothing else. To my insurance companies, I am basically a money hog in
their eyes as diabetes costs over 100 billion dollars anually in loss of
productivity, ect. but they should know by now with all the data out on the
market, that diabetes does kill and with the complications that can arise that
treating it in the best possible manner is going to cost them less in the long
term (ie. I just got home about a hour ago and it is 120 pm from my eye
doctor. I had a diabetic exam and a vision check all in one. NO retinopathy,
but my vision has changed for the first time in 11 years so I have had to get
a prescription for new glasses and had to order new contacts) I asked Dr
Waldman how much it costs for lazer surgery for retinopathy and he stated
about 1500 per eye just for his services, not encluding the help and
medications and the hospital where he does them at)

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Becca posted:

>>The reason for the denial from Medicare/Medicaide was that even
>>though my C-Peptide came out NEGATIVE everything else blood work up
>>wise came back as type 2 (according to both insurances)...a
>>C-Peptide is the TRUE deffinition of
how much "NATURAL" insulin you make, not the other lab values>>

While the C-peptide does measure how much insulin a person produces,
it doesn't confirm whether you have Type 1 or Type 2.  Many Type 2's
produce little to no insulin, mostly long-termers.  There is an
anti-body test that more accurately differentiates between the two
types.  Here is a definition of C-peptide test from Medline Plus:


C-peptide is measured to differentiate endogenous (produced by the
body) from exogenous (injected into the body) insulin production.
When insulin is initially synthesized by the beta cells of the
pancreas, it is produced as a large molecule (propeptide). This
molecule is then cleaved at 2. The intermediate segment (C-peptide)
is released at the same time insulin is released but
has no known function.

The C-peptide level may be measured in a patient with type II
diabetes mellitus to see if any insulin is still being produced
endogenously. It may also be measured in the evaluation of
hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) to see if too much insulin is being
produced by the patient.

Cindy, mom to 16 y/o Noah
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