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Re: [IP] MiniMed Admitted Screw-Up

>i think it strange, that 
>any company can
>sell something waterproof today, and change their minds tomorrow...

I already see this conversation deteriorating.  The FACTS as we know them is 
that Minimed did NOT intentionally or unintentionally mislead their customers 
(including myself).  The product was designed and TESTED to pass the water-
tightness test.  They even went back and tested it MORE to verify that it was 
IPX8 approved, not just IPX7 as they originally released the pump.

THe water tightness of the pump was never in doubt by Minimed.  No false 
advertising, no fraud, etc.

NOW, a year and a half later, Minimed is starting to see an increase in 
complaints with pumps failing due to water getting in.  That doesn't mean that 
 they were false advertising. It means that they discovered an engineering flaw.

They didn't just wake up and say, "You know what...let's stop saying our pump 
is water tight."  They didn't "change their minds".  They have reason to be 
concerned, and until they discover the cause for certain, they are ATTEMPTING 
to warn users about the problem to avoid failures for people.  

So, PLEASE do NOT start accusing MM falsely of things.  YES, there is a 
problem...but focus on the problem, and NOT starting to once again let the 
discussion deteriorate into unjustified opinion about this, which seems to 
happen SO OFTEN on this forum.


Having said that, realize that I think MM is responsible for resolving this.  
They did advertise their pumps as water tight and need to make efforts to give 
users that ability.  As I mentioned before, the VERY LEAST they can do is give 
sport cases that people can use in the interim until the problem is resolved.  
 It will, undoubtedly, take time to resolve the issue...after all, the pump went
through man-years of testing before being released without discovering this 
problem...so there is no reason to believe they can just say, "Oh, here's the 
problem, and here's the solution".  I figure it will take a few months.  

Now, IF (and I emphasize IF, because it is too soon to know how MM is going to 
 handle this) MM ends up just declaring their pumps as not water tight and never
doing anything for existing owners of the pump who purchased the pump at least 
partially based on it's water tightness, THEN there would be reason to be in 

But, as of right now, they are doing what ANY responsible manufacturer of ANY 
product would do:  Provide information back to their users of the potential 
problem as they seek a solution, and STOP advertising the pump as water tight 
UNTIL such time as they resolve the issue in the event that they are unable to 
resolve this issue directly without a major pump design change.  

Of the two likely causes, it probably won't be a huge change.  For example, 
 they may find that they have to use a stronger plastic in the case if the cause
is due to cracking.  Or, they may find that they have to modify the infusion 
sets slightly if it is infusion set seating problems.

Until such time do NOT start an uproar against MM with unsubstantiated 
 comments. (I think there is a legal term for that...it is called slander/libel
and NOT just venting...which is ILLEGAL.)

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