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[IP] Total Units used a day and other survey question

There seem to be a couple of 'survey' questions going on"

I use ~20-35u a day (16.8 of those are for my basal) the rest of the range
depends on the amount of carbs consumed, time of the month, etc.  My
official ratio is 1u to 19g.  I use to round down the number of units to
bolus but now I round up since it seems to work best. For corrections, 1u of
brings me down ~70 points.

My waking up target (and most pre-meal target if I am not snacking) is
between 80-99.  For some reason, I know it is silly, but seeing a 3-digit
number when I wake up gives this 'bad' feeling.  I 'love' the number 97.  I
know IT IS SILLY - No need to point it out!

My PP target is ~<150 after 1hrs and <120 after two hours.  If I'm out and
about and my reading is higher (say 190) at the 2 hour mark due to
miscalculated carbs or whatever, then I correct to what it should be after
two hours (<150) and bolus for that correction instead of calculating to 100
and then take into account how much insulin is left in me and bla, bla, bla
.....  This works for ME and the meals I eat but as always YMMV.  My biggest
problem is to go >2hrs without eating one thing or another.

My highest readings have been since I am pumping.  Well, not too fare to
pumping since I was only on MDI for ~4months and I have been pumping for
over a year now.  The highs have always been due to crimped canulas.  I
think I hit >400 one time.  I saw plenty 300 (which was depressing for me)
when my pump died on vacation and I was trying to use Lantus.

And on the ice cream, I am glad to see that someone else is not 'fund' of
chocolate.  I don't hate it but I definitely would never buy it.  If it is
served as dessert, I smile and eat it.  I do LOVE Ice cream and eat it even
in the winter time.

Have a great weekend!
I will be having my A1c, microbulium (sp?), lipid and all that fun stuff
done tomorrow morning.  Can't wait to see what the week without my pump did
to my numbers, especially it being so close to the test itself.

Eloisa and her new unnamed spalshable but not submergible Paradigm 511
dx'd T1 2/11/02 pumping since 6/02
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