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RE: [IP] frustration du jour

Oh Yes !!  You have my luck !!  If it can go wrong, ....
I'm down for $20 !!
Okay, $100.
Sorry to be so cheap.
I could not afford all these changes.  I'd just stick the damn thing back in
L Ford

I just wanted to write and vent about how irritated i am at diabetes right

Generally I can get 4, 5 sometimes 6 days from a site (and in 10 1/2 years,
no infections, no decreased sensitivity, no skin changes, etc - YMMV)

In the last 10 hours I have had to do THREE site changes...Last night after
 the gym, the tape was pulling up a little and when I got up off the floor
watching TV, I forgot to be careful and it ripped off a little more...no
biggie, i thought - this IS day 5 for this site....so i change

Then about 6 am, i wake up and roll over and feel that unmistakeable PULL on
my side...dammit to hell...I groggily feel for the site - the catheter it is
still in, just the tape is lifted almost all the way off...so i lay there
 "dream" about changing the site again.....then as I am drifting off to
sleep, i
roll over again, and rip it the rest of the way out...so I do change #2

Then an hour ago, I am on the phone and I am giving a bolus and the pump
flies out of my hand......I feel the tug, then the rip......

#3...any money on another change before noon?

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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: