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RE: [IP] MiniMed Admitted Screw-Up

In response to mulitple points of multiple people:

>I think if you want to see results, it needs to be in a "believable" 
>manner.  MM knows full well that they never did fraud or false advertising. 
>  So, threatening to sue on that matter is rather pointless.

They absolutely ARE guilty in my opinion of false advertising!  I now have a 
511 under false pretenses - that it would be safe and reliable AS PROMISED 
in water.  Their documentation, their website (at the time anyway), and the 
sales rep ALL assured me that the pump was safe for use in water.  Now I get 
a letter that says "oops, we were wrong and we're not going to do anything 
about it."  How wrong is that?!

>Like with the issue with Disetronics, the pumps are fine so long as they 
>stay dry.  Other than that both the MM and Dis have great products.  Don't 
>let the water issue be a big deal.  So you disconnect during water 
>activities...that is not going to be the end of the world.  Each company 
>obviously has their own issues with various problems with some of their 
>products so no one company has a perfect track record.

Just because the water issue may not be a big deal to you does not mean that 
it isn't a big deal to someone else - say someone who teaches water aerobic 
classes several times a day or who teaches aquatic safety classes at a Y.  
To a diabetic who spends a lot of time in the water for EITHER professional 
or personal reasons, disconnecting may not be the most healthy option and 
not why they may have bought the Paradigm in the first place.

Anybody out there have a Nipro Amigo?



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