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[IP] RE: Bolus For Fat

Yep, that's right, he just adds the extra 50 percent.  Of course, I think 
he is very strict with his diet, and he doesn't eat those kinds of foods 
most of the time.  I am pretty much going to ignore his advice on this 
one.  I tried the "formula" with a Twinkie like cake yesterday, and ended 
up at 60 (from a start of 90) no less than an hour after I had taken the 
regular bolus.  This cake had about 70 grams of carbos, and a large amount 
of fat, about 40 grams.  So, I figured this would be a good try.  I took 
the usual 7 for the 70 grams, and added a 2 unit square wave over two 
hours.  Obviously, it doesn't work for me.  I feel disillusioned about this 
recommendation.  Oh well, I guess even doctors who pump can't help us all!
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