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Re: [IP] Ketone Testing

In a message dated 9/5/2003 7:07:28 AM email @ redacted writes:
We use the Precision Xtra for ketone testing and it has changed our lives.
 It's not as simple as the One Touch Ultra so we don't use
it for regular bg's, but for ketones, it's what we grab first.

The Precision meter and strips is the only kind my ins will cover.  Not quite 
sure what you mean by "it isn't simple" (to use), since I don't have a one 

For those that don't have a Precision xtra, the strips come individually 
 wrapped in foil and the blood is "drawn into the strip" from the end (except
the ketone strip--- drop of blood goes on the top circle area).  Blood sugar 
 takes 20 seconds to register, and the ketone takes 30 seconds. You use separate
strips for each one.

For myself, I like having the convenience of being able to test both with one 
meter.  I always carry both kinds of strips with me and when my sugar has 
been high, I have tested for ketones every hour, until I see a significant 
downward trend.

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