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Re: [IP] cpap

My insurance covers supplies for the cpap every 6 months. So that puts me in
April, and I'm hoping to get the nasal pillows. I use the comfort select
right now. It's awkward, but it lets me sleep. If it's sliding around too
much, then I put a little cornstarch on my face where the mask touches.  I
wake up every now and then, but nothing like before. I even can wake up
rested and not spend my mornings in a fog.

I'm the only one I know that swears by her cpap. I even got my mom talked
into getting tested and now she does as well. (But won't admit that it was
my idea first)  Glad to hear that there are others on the list that use it
too.  Something else we have in common.

Just curious, are you insulin resistant?

You wrote:
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I know A lot of people who swear by CPAP, but it wasnt for me,  i tried it
a couple months last year and found it bulky, awkward and uncomfortable.  I
tried a couple different masks but to no avail, however, i would like to try
the nasal pillows sometime if my insurance ever gives me another chance at
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